Imperial’ by Juniper CBH Lands.

One of the latest projects launched by CBH Lands under the Juniper Group is ‘Imperial’.This is a boutique development located in very close proximity to the Central Expressway Interchange Entry and Exist at Kurunegala. The location is 5 mins from the Kandy – Kurunegala main road, 200 meters from the Matale-Kurunegala main road and 5 mins also from the Dambulla-Kurunegala main road. So in simple terms it is located 5 mins from three primary roads connecting the entire country. Therefore, under the modern city development concept of Transit-Orientated Development, this developed ticks all the boxes. Furthermore, schools both private and public, super markets, banks, hospitals, medical clinics, and other essential services are located within 2 mins of walking.

If we take a step back, Transit Orientated Development also known as TOD means that an urban development model where land and space is maximised for residential, commercial and leisure activities within walking distance of public transport. This is an integral part of the development model of an advancing city with sustainable mobility. Furthermore, this model also enables re-location of public services, public health and even further promote a business district, thus providing immediate access to jobs. Examples from developed countries such as the UK and the US shows the advancements made in transportation planning, public space utilisation, environmental advances such as air quality, active land management assisting in strengthening soil quality and many other future development initiatives.

In light of keeping within the compact development concept of TOD, CBH Lands has been over the last seven years effectively introducing real estate developments within the Kurunegala District to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase highly developed land plots at affordable prices for either residential or investment purposes. One such development is Imperial which has just been brought forward to the market.These affordable housing developments provide a unique opportunity for potential customers to re-locate their homes to maximise the ease of transport, which is the most critical component as people are constrained by time and cost.

The development of the Central Expressway across the Kurunegala District has been an integral part of the urban planning within the District over the last half a decade. Kurunegala has been provided with 6 interchanges showing the importance accorded and the critical role the district will play in the future development of the country. Furthermore, the budget also has proposed a University College Campus in Kurunegala.

By connecting with CBH Lands one can see the entire growth Kurunegala has experienced over the last half a decade and also the future expansion plans of the city and district as a whole. In closing observe the private developments such as Cargills, Pizza Hut and public services re-locating closer to the interchanges in Kurunegala. The transformation is happening as we speak