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Greetings my fellow companions,

My name is Jupiter Sebastian, but some of you may also know me as the Seeker of Truth, for that is what I have been doing for the past 30006 years of my life. Yes, I am much older than you! My trusted companion Knight Sky says hello too! I am on a quest for knowledge and have been searching answers to some of life’s questions. My other duty of course, is answering yours. So visit my blog to hear what I have to say. It is my pleasure to share with you from my wealth of knowledge that I have gathered over the centuries. 

Happy Seeking! 

Jupiter Sebastian.

  • Juniper Group is a real estate development and investment company that recently announced its partnership with Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) as the Official Real Estate Development and Investment Partner. The partnership is built on three key factors: sustainability, inclusive growth, and empowerment. As a real estate company, we believe that our expertise can help all partners involved to better their financial state. Real estate investment is known to be one of the most stable and profitable

  • Juniper Group is proud to be the Exclusive Sponsor of the Italian Car Enthusiasts Club of Sri Lanka 2023 Annual Calendar for the Second Consecutive Year. We strongly value partnerships, a key founding principle, which ensures that we build our own traditions for future generations to value. Each partner takes an active and profound interest in the other, while working together to develop a shared success. A sustainable commitment and investment from each party ensures that

  • Part 1 Rate of Return on Real Estate In any economic environment investing in real estate is the best option for any investor. The real estate investor when undertaking his or her decision to invest should seek proper advise from an expert in the field of real estate to identify the best option available. Therefore, the investor can properly work on the return on investment. If proper advise has not been obtained, investing in real estate as

  • “Our primary goal is to enhance the value system on sustainable real estate development and investment” Manjarie Tissera Co-Founder & Deputy Chairman Following the guidelines laid down by our Founders, one of the key ways in which Juniper Group operates is through strong partnerships. These partnerships work with the core-value system in mind which is ‘sustainability’. As a result, Colombo Fashion Week i.e CFW which promotes the value system of sustainable fashion is not only an ideal partnership,

  • Dear Readers, Great news! Great news! It is time for a revolutionary change at CBH Lands, all for the better of course. Knight Sky and I could not be more excited to give you this news. It appears that we have lived to see a new chapter and season unfold here at CBH Lands. For those of you who feel that they are a little behind on the matter, allow me to enlighten you. CBH Lands being

  • Hello to all my curious friends! I have received a lot of requests from you to share with you what I know about real estate. So this is what I will get into in this letter today. Knight Sky gives you his regards and has advised me to explain things in the simplest way possible and that is what I will do.  In the present Sri Lankan economic environment investing in real estate is the best option

  • Greetings to you, dear readers! I hope you are all keeping well. Knight Sky has just been telling me how brave and hardworking Sri Lankans are and I had to agree! Sri Lankans are a bunch that pushes forward even in the most trying times. And as a supporter of hard work and constant seeking of the truth, I am here to tell you why and how Kurunegala is a success story from all areas

  • Dear Seekers, Greetings from myself and Knight Sky! I trust you are keeping well and hanging in there despite the trying times we live in. With all the bad news that has been going around and we witness first-hand, Knight Sky and I have decided that giving you something positive to read is best, both for your mental health and general mood. Yes, times are hard and there seems to be little good news. Let me

  • Do you like to make a bigger income in right way? Investing in real estates in one of the best ways to have a though about a passive income. Check this guide and learn about how to get the best from investing in Sri Lanka real estate. What is real estate investing Investing in real estate surely a broad area to be discussed. Yet it has become one of the most popular passive Income making solution that