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The Juniper Story

Company Vision

To be your best investment

Company Mission

To offer the most advantageous locations for real estate-based investment, and continue to learn markets and behavior to keep finding hot spots for the best return on investment.

Our Roots

We are a licensed, research-based, boutique, real estate development and investment house in Sri Lanka that works in quiet confidence of our deep strength and silent steadiness. Our hope is to bring joy to our customers through our sustainable and good work ethics.

The Evolution of Juniper

Our roots began as Ceylon Brand House Private Limited (CBH Lands), which was established in 2015 as a real estate investment, development and sales company functioning within Kurunegala. CBH Lands gradually grew and the extension of its roots to the whole of Sri Lanka gave rise to Juniper Sri Lanka. Our goal is to select residential and commercial property in key strategic locations across Sri Lanka which are guaranteed to provide our customers with high potential for growth.

We play to our strengths, which is of course, research-based real-estate options for all. Our aim is to be all-inclusive in our outlook, making real-estate an accessible option to people from all walks of life.

To make this a reality, we make sure that the land selection process is very rigorous, and each land brought into the market is hand picked personally by our Founder Chairman and Deputy Chairman. Once purchased, the planning, preparation, approval, and development is carefully managed by our team of experts through our very own internal project management manual. The property is developed in accordance with the guidelines issued by primary Governmental institutions such as the Urban Development Authority, Provincial Council or Local Authority and in most instances a combination. Secondary Governmental bodies such as the National Water Board, Ceylon Electricity Board, Road Development Authority, Agricultural and Irrigation authority regulations are sought in accordance with the respective project.

On completion of the development, we undertake the process of sales and marketing of the property. The unique quality is that we undertake the entire process from selection, purchase, investment, planning and development carrying it all the way to marketing and sales unlike many other real estate companies operating in
Sri Lanka.

Our highly systematic and professional approach has enabled us to march from strength to strength with a large number of projects within a short time frame.

We love our work and we love to serve you with the best! This is us, Juniper
Sri Lanka.