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“The Land of the Singing fish”

Batticaloa is known as the “Land of the singing fish”. Their melodious sounds can be heard from the Kallady lagoon near the Lady Manning Bridge between April and September. 

The reason people consider the phenomenon ‘magical’ and ‘romantic’, is that the singing fish usually perform their serenades on moonlit nights when there is minimal wind and, if you are lucky you’ll be able to experience an enchanted evening with the singing fish of Batticaloa.

The Dutch Fort of Batticaloa

Batticaloa is the main city of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka and has been under the influence of the Portuguese, Dutch and the British, which form an integral part of colonial Sri Lankan history.

As such the Dutch Fort of Batticaloa, built in 1628 as a trading and economic administration center of Ceylon, attracts both local and foreign travelers from around the world. It was used for the trade of cinnamon, pepper, chili and miscellaneous items to other countries during the colonial era. 

Today, travelers can witness a rectangular shaped fort with four well preserved bastions. In the bastions where cannons were originally mounted, today one can observe pillboxes.


A15 Highway Sri Lanka

The A 15 road is an A-Grade trunk road in Sri Lanka. It connects Batticalao with Trincomalee.

The A 15 passes through Eravur, Morakottanchenai, Valaichenai, Mankerny, Vaharai, Verugal, Serunuwara, Palaithoppur, Muttur, Kinniya and Ganeshapuram to reach Trincomalee.

The A15 is also known as the “Tricomalee Highway”

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