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Yatila A. Wijemanne


Yatila A. Wijemanne is the Founder Chairman of Juniper Group. He is the Executive Chairman of Ceylon Brand House (Pvt) Ltd, CBH Lands (Pvt) Ltd, Ceylon Engineers & Builders (Pvt) Ltd and Ceylon Printers House (Pvt) Ltd.

Yatila is known for his innovative techniques in personalizing the sub-division real estate market in Sri Lanka to provide affordable lands and housing. Furthermore, he is the Founder Director of Ceylon Pharma. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. He started business in 2008 in the field of education, capital markets, real estate and gradually moved into housing, construction and the pharma industry.

Today, the Group of Companies focus largely on real estate sub-division and housing across the country and natural pharma products. Wijemanne prior to commencing his own business, was the Chief Executive Office of Greener Waters (Pvt) Ltd a fully owned subsidiary of Vallibel One PLC, he was also attached to one of the leading Sri Lankan law firms as a Legal Associate, co-established and headed the Legal & Governance Unit for MTI Consulting Sri Lanka and worked as a Researcher for the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka. In addition, he completed his Master of Laws (Hons.) with a Distinction specializing in International Trade & Business Law, and the Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) from England.

Manjarie Tissera Wijemanne


Manjarie Tissera Wijemanne is the Founder Deputy Chairman of Juniper Group. She is the Executive Deputy Chairman of Ceylon Brand House (Pvt) Ltd, CBH Lands (Pvt) Ltd, Ceylon Engineers & Builders (Pvt) Ltd, Ceylon Pharma. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd and Ceylon Printers House (Pvt) Ltd.

Her core focus is on the entire business development, branding, marketing, and strategizing key areas of all businesses activities across the Group. Furthermore, she is instrumental in transforming the entire e-business strategy and increasing the sales of the companies. Prior to her co-founding Juniper Group, Manjarie Tissera Wijemanne was the Head of Business Development for Vallibel One PLC from 2011 – 2015 in Sri Lanka and was a Director of The Fortress PLC. In addition, she was a Non – Executive Director of Orit Inspired Creations (Pvt) Ltd, Orit Intimate Apparel (Pvt) Ltd and Orit Apparels Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.