CBH Empire

Dambokka, Kurunegala


Distance to

Kurunegala Interchange: 8km

Dambokka Interchange: 2.5km

Kurunegala Town Central:

Closest City: Kurunegala 5km

Electricity: Provided

Water: Pipe Borne Water

Land plot size: 15 perch

Government-approved land subdivision


‘Empire’ Real Estate Development by Juniper in Kurunegala 


Juniper Group provides a magical opportunity for land buyers and investors to purchase property in Kurunegala to strengthen their financial security and stability, as opposed to investing in property in other districts across the country.The ideal investment property has been introduced into the Kurunegala real estate market named ‘Empire’. This is a 26 residential land plot sub-division located less than 5 mins from the Dambokka Interchange on the Central Expressway connecting the main Kurunegala – Colombo Road. Empire is in close proximity to the railway station, public and private schools, 24 hour public transport system, banks, hospitals and other essential services. 

Why Kurunegala?

Real Estate Investment in the Kurunegala District of Sri Lanka, the commercial capital within the North Western Province has witnessed significant annual land price appreciation, especially over the past 3 years. One primary factor being the development and opening of the Central Expressway between Mirigama to Kurunegala. Furthermore, the Road Development Authority initiated a large number of projects across key areas within the Kurunegala District, further strengthening the district as a real estate investment hub.

Why Juniper?

Juniper real estate company, the market leader within the district, has been spearheading a large number of selective developments where potential investors have been purchasing properties. These farsighted investors are capturing significant returns. Moreover, certain young buyers have been purchasing properties around expressways and expressway exit points to realise their housing dream. These plots of land consist of enhanced facilities in comparison to other land developments across the district.

Land v FD

Despite the present economic growth combined with the macroeconomic volatility and high interest rates on land loans real estate investors have been aggressive in their purchasing habits. Furthermore, the real estate market has been instrumental in buffering investors against inflationary pressures. The current investment landscape has improved further with the prevailing stability within the political environment.

Juniper CBH Lands the undisputed leader has brought about some new projects which are not only in close access to entry points, but which have great scenic value enhancing the environmental impact. The continuous growth of the urban population in the Kurunegala district, Kurunegala being a trade economy, sustainable community development initiatives, technological development, depreciation of the rupee in comparison to the rate for USD, improvement in the level of housing, and the wide potential for growth makes Kurunegala the ideal real estate investment hub in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, it is the ideal investment for life.

The expansion of the Central Expressway across key areas of the Kurunegala District has generated not only a significant appreciation in property prices, however, it has also encouraged migration from other districts. This is a clear example of infrastructure development in city transformation. The pattern will be witnessed in Kurunegala over the coming decade. 

Furthermore, In the model of Transport Orientated Development the city of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka will witness the highest yield on property appreciation in the entire country. Our experience as the largest property developer in the district reinforces the statement made above.